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Tackling Sustainability in the Lubricants & Energy Sector

IMCD Lubricants & Energy focuses on additives and base oils for industrial and automotive lubricants and additives for fuels. We off er additives and fluids used in the extraction of oil & gas and speciality chemicals used within refi neries and petrochemical plants.


Our pathway for sustainability first considers our existing business. Our Sustainability Champion is tasked with highlighting sustainable raw materials available in our portfolio and expanding our portfolio to include new sustainable materials. For us, ‘sustainability’ includes products with a reduced environmental impact compared to suitable alternatives, such as biodegradable products or non-hazardous products for aquatic life. We promote sustainability by offering our customers speciality chemicals that reduce the production of CO2 in their application, that reduce emissions, and/or decrease energy consumption.

ā€œ We promote sustainability by off ering our customers speciality chemicals that reduce emissions and decrease energy consumption.ā€

Clara Fabre

Technical Director Lubricants & Energy

With “Energy” in our Business Group name, we embrace a market that evolves beyond Lubricants, Fuels, and Oil & Gas. We see opportunities for our customers to grow with new energies trends. We do this by extending our traditional products to new applications linked to new energies. This includes the application of molecular sieves used to purify gases in hydrogen and biogas production plants. Dielectric oils used in transformers can be used to cool electric car batteries. We develop solutions for new energies, such as raw materials for formulating wind turbine oils and heat transfer fluids for solar plants. Finally, our E-Mobility Champion is tasked with understanding the impact of electrification on vehicle fluids and to highlight the solutions we can offer in this new sector.

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