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Using biotechnology to deliver sustainable beauty

As awareness of environmental issues increases, sustainability has become an important consideration for beauty and personal care consumers in the beauty and personal-care sector. There is now greater demand for healthier and less wasteful products, for more personalised solutions, and for greater transparency around ingredients and processes.


IMCD’s Beauty and Personal Care team has a proven track record of taking a proactive approach to market trends by developing groundbreaking concepts that enable our customers to stay ahead of the curve.

In particular, the onset of advanced technologies offers a pathway to create sustainable solutions within the industry.

After extensive research and market analysis, IMCD’s Beauty and Personal Care team introduced Biotech Beauty. The breakthrough concept is built around three pillars that advance the creation of sustainable products. These are biomimicry, artificial intelligence (AI) and hybridisation.

“Biotech Beauty offers customers a pathway to create products that use fewer resources while improving efficacy.”

Danielle Wheeler

Technical and Business Development Director

Our technical team is now focused on developing innovative formulations that minimise or eliminate the need for packaging and water waste, while maintaining or improving product efficacy.


These efforts have resulted in reducing water consumption within specific Biotech Beauty formulations by 70% and halving the volume of packaging.

The launch of Biotech Beauty reiterates yet again that the IMCD US Beauty and Personal Care is the leading distributor of speciality ingredients in North America. Partners, suppliers and customers can rest assured that we will continue to lead the development of the beauty solutions of tomorrow through innovation, sustainability, technical excellence and staying ahead of market trends.

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