Our social licence to operate

Having a strong reputation in business ethics is part of IMCD’s social license to operate. We require our employees to adhere to all applicable international and local laws and regulations and apply a zero-tolerance approach to unethical business conduct.

Being a global company, subject to both international as well as many different local laws, strong ethics and governance is of particular importance to IMCD.

Breaches of law, regulation, and even internal procedures or voluntary codes can have a major impact on IMCD's reputation as well as its financial results. With transparency on all aspects of our ethics and compliance framework, and performance, IMCD aims to build trust with our employees, our external business partners and other stakeholders and enable future regulatory compliance.

Connectivity and digitisation will play a crucial role in our services, now and in the future. With an extensive product portfolio of more than 43,000 products, and servicing more than 56,000 customers and 2,600 suppliers in 2021, IMCD's business relies on the availability of large amounts of data. The responsible handling and protection of that data and our IT systems against cybersecurity failure, is a top priority at IMCD.

Our 2022 Sustainability Report is live