Sustainability Report

Sustainability Reporting

By publishing our annual Sustainability Report we communicate our sustainability performance.

Every year we communicate our sustainability performance and impacts on a wide range of sustainability topics covering environmental, social and governance parameters. Our sustainability reporting enables us to be transparent and gives our stakeholders greater insight into our performance beyond the bottom line.

IMCD sustainability reports are prepared as comprehensive reports on the topic as part of the Company's Sustainability Strategy. Reporting is conducted annually. All entities included in the IMCD’s consolidated financial statements or equivalent documents are covered unless stated otherwise in the respective report. 
The reports content is defined based on the materiality of the most relevant and impactful ESG topics for IMCD to manage. In line with GRI Standards, material topics reflect IMCD's significant economic, environmental and social impacts and substantively influence the assessments and decisions of stakeholders.

“In our fourth year of reporting on sustainability, we now have more data available, helping us to better understand our environmental impact.”

Piet van der Slikke

Chief Executive Officer