Sustainable Solutions

IMCD promotes Sustainable Solutions on the market when it champions the journey of its suppliers and de-complexifies the market and the sustainability landscape for its customers.

IMCD promotes sustainable products on the market, supports its suppliers and customers in product stewardship, and develops innovative, high-performance, sustainable formulations. These solutions help address societal challenges arising from increased climate-change awareness and the transition towards a more circular economy.

Sustainable Solutions is a one-stop resource that supports our customers in navigating the complexities of green solutions. The solutions are organised into sustainable categories which reflect the market needs.  

IMCD has developed 65 laboratories into a global network of technical centres that support its business partners with high quality technical advice and formulation expertise.
 IMCD's scientist and technical teams analyse market trends and new technologies, share their technical expertise and product formulations, process, and application knowledge to support the sustainable innovations of both its suppliers and customers.

Our approach makes it easy for our customers to:

Explore extensive sustainable materials, educational content, regulations, and opportunities.

Evaluate which materials are suitable for their unique needs.

Elect to switch to using greener solutions in the production of their products.

Global IMCD Sustainable Solutions Framework Programme

Our commercial teams and technical experts have been promoting greener, healthier, and more sustainable products and formulations across all eight Business Groups for several years now. We streamlined and aligned this approach within the Global IMCD Sustainable Solutions Framework Programme. The new programme ensures that our Business Groups serve the needs of their respective markets while staying aligned to our overall approach to promoting sustainable products.

The IMCD Sustainable Solutions Framework is a key programme in our sustainability strategy. It demonstrates our added value as expert, co-innovator and market influencer. 

The programme benefits our customers, principal suppliers, and our teams

At IMCD, we are committed to taking our customers' sustainability challenges and working toward solving them. Whether the priority is CO2 reduction, recyclability or any other challenge, together, we can explore all the sustainable possibilities in one place, at one time. Sustainable Solutions makes it easy for our customers to know where to start with their sustainability goals and educate themselves on the core sustainability trends. We are then there to provide the consulting they need when making decisions and the technical support when implementing new solutions. 
Sustainable Solutions allows us to consistently market the value our principals' sustainable materials bring to our customers and increase the visibility of their materials around the world. With a one-stop resource for information, we can strategically align with our principals' sustainability goals and best position their materials to our customers. 
IMCD teams 
Sustainable Solution provides a global overview of our principal's sustainable materials, making it easy for our teams to explore what is possible for their customers. Our information hub offers direct access to a complete list of supplier materials, the latest regulations, educational content, and more. Additionally, in standardising what sustainable solutions we offer, we can identify gaps in our principal offerings and prioritise opportunities for the growth of our business.

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