About us


Our long-term growth centres on the opportunities that we create – and then deliver for our partners.

At IMCD, we create a world of opportunity for our customers, suppliers, and employees. It is our way of being, working and why we can surpass expectation in everything we do.
As our proposition, it encapsulates the diverse nature, breadth and depth of opportunities created for stakeholders when engaging with us. It is our purpose, our mission and connects us under one common goal – to see beyond what is, to what will be.

Explore how we grow your business with our 4 key pillars

Our People

The heart of our succes? Our talented employees! They all shape our culture, our values, and our success. We are proud of this.

We currently employ over 3700 people in more than 50 countries. As a company we believe in building trust. Thus, we have local experts on ground, in the markets we serve. They are getting to the root of what the consumer is looking for so we can better advise our partners and help guide their innovations.

Empowered with a large dose of frontier spirit, passion and innovation, our talented experts are always developing and formulating new solutions to meet the needs of our suppliers and customers.

As a company, we never take our eyes off the future. Whether it be through sustainable solutions or by embracing new digital practices, we remain at the forefront of progress and help those we work with to do the same.

Our ambition is to always go one step further to make a valuable contribution to a better world of tomorrow with our high-quality products, digital services, and sustainable solutions - for all of us.

Entrepreneurial. Freedom to Act. Partnerships. Ambitious. These are the values that not only define our company, but our people too.

Digital Transformation

We actively explore ways to optimise our services through digitalisation, which enables us to create better experiences for our customers. We have implemented a number of systems and digital tools to enhance our existing processes. These include, but are not limited to, using AI and data collection to support business intelligence. We offer our services and products to our clients in the easiest way. 

We consider digital innovation to be a necessity, not just a priority.”

Omnichannel: our norm

In our business strategy we deliver high-quality customer experiences that occur within and between contact channels, which will provide our customers a seamless and effortless experience.

With the use of any mobile device, our clients can interact, consume information and services, collaborate, and can request advise from our experts via our WebChat.

Agile Working & Data Driven > customer centric

Due to our Agile way of working we can Continuously radically adapt your organisation, processes and working method.

Through our multiple cloud-based platform we have created a digital environment to engage the customer-based data.

Our Portal: MyIMCD

Our MyIMCD Ecommerce Platform will provide a lot of value to our clients. This customer portal is offering 24/7 access to relevant product and commercial data.

Within our Digital Transformation, security is a top business priority for us.

Our Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage of unauthorized access.


For IMCD Benelux sustainability is incorporated in four topics: People, Planet, Procurement and Policies.


IMCD Benelux employs more than 140 people at three locations. Since about half of the employees are customer facing, the most valuable asset to the organisation are its people. It is not without reason that People is one of the four pillars for growth for the coming years. IMCD Benelux aims to create a workplace which enables our employees to develop. All our employees are experts in their field, ambitious, and are given freedom to act. Themes IMCD Benelux focuses on are engagement, knowledge, diversity and equality.


Climate action is taken seriously at IMCD Benelux. Since 2019 we have been working on gaining more insight into the environmental impact of our organisation. In 2022 we aim to use this insight into our own emissions to reduce this impact. This will include the scope 1 and 2 emissions, as well as business travel, employee commuting and generated waste.


The largest impact for IMCD Benelux is in the supply chain, which places sustainable procurement in the centre of attention. We partner up with both our suppliers and customers to offer the best ingredients for new formulations. Moreover, IMCD Benelux has achieved multiple certificates showing the chain of custody in multiple supply chains. Examples of these certificates are UTZ, ISCC Plus and REDcert.


Ecovadis provides business sustainability ratings which aim to make an evaluation of the integration of sustainable principles into management systems. IMCD Benelux has received the Ecovadis Silver rating in 2019 and increased this to the Ecovadis Gold rating in 2021. This means that we are in the top 5% of organisations across all companies in all industries. IMCD Benelux aims to improve on all four themes within the Ecovadis rating and wishes to achieve the Platinum status in 2023.

Business Innovation

IMCD Benelux values all their partnerships. No matter how big or small, all our customers and suppliers are equally important to us.

It is in our DNA to build sustainable and longstanding relationships with our principals, customers, and other stakeholders. Additionally, it is our aim be the global sales partner of choice - all our relationships are based on trust, transparency, confidence, credibility, and mutual long-term benefit.

By staying ahead of trends, investigating new opportunities for our constantly evolving markets, and our endless curiosity, we are able to provide first-class technical expertise and solutions within all our business branches.

As a leading specialty distribution partner, we believe that it is our role in society to help our principal partners market, sell and distribute their products, and our customers to formulate products that can create a more sustainable future. We are proud that our various expertise labs are able to help develop custom innovations to support our clients’ particular wishes.

With our expertise, we can help you grow and innovate your business.