Add Element [E] to your daily formula.

Welcome to our careers page. The Element E is our business’s X-factor, and if it’s in you, we invite you to explore it with us. Our Element E stands for Entrepreneurship and for Employee. It is the crucial factor that makes your ambitious goals bind with our markets, innovative solutions, and bold future visions. At IMCD it’s yours to explore, drive innovation and create a world of commercial, operational, and sustainable opportunities. 
Add Element [E] to your daily formula.

Our culture
Culture and values are important to us. They are needed to guide behaviors and decisions of managers and employees in a desired direction and in a certain manner. Our business strategy has been very stable and clear, so our people know in which direction we want to move the company. In an entrepreneurial business like IMCD, where the freedom to act is key, 
we cannot - and do not - want to simply set out the desired employee behavior in detailed handbooks: instead, we outline the principles that guide decision making and conduct. Our values cut across borders, languages and cultures and are the same everywhere, at all times. The combined IMCD values and behaviors of employees define the IMCD culture. 

We are people centric

As a leading speciality chemicals distribution partner,

IMCD has an important role to play in society, including by protecting health and welfare, improving economic prosperity and helping to create a more sustainable future. IMCD operates as a professional services business where highly qualified key people working together in a flat organisational structure are making a real difference. By joining IMCD, you’ll be part of an entrepreneurial, fast growing group of ambitious and like-minded professionals, where you’ll have the freedom to make your own mark. Are you an expert in in your field and up for a new challenge? Then we’d love to hear from you!


Your career with IMCD Benelux

The heart of our success? Our talented employees!
They all shape our culture, our values, and our success. We are proud of this.

We currently employ over 3700 people in more than 50 countries. As a company we believe in building trust. Thus, we have local experts on ground, in the markets we serve. They are getting to the root of what the consumer is looking for so we can better advise our partners and help guide their innovations.

Empowered with a large dose of frontier spirit, passion and innovation, our talented experts are always developing and formulating new solutions to meet the needs of our suppliers and customers.

As a company, we never take our eyes off the future. Whether it be through sustainable solutions or by embracing new digital practices, we remain at the forefront of progress and help those we work with to do the same.

Our ambition is to always go one step further to make a valuable contribution to a better world of tomorrow with our high-quality products, digital services, and sustainable solutions - for all of us.

Entrepreneurial. Freedom to Act. Partnerships. Ambitious. These are the values that not only define our company, but our people too.

We actively explore ways to optimise our services through digitalisation, enabling us to create better experiences for our customers. We have implemented a number of systems and digital tools to enhance our existing processes. These include, but are not limited to, using AI and data collection to support business intelligence, and a customer portal providing 24/7 access to relevant product and commercial data.
Sales & Technical
Technical expertise and commercial drive go hand in hand at IMCD.

As a technical expert, you are closely involved in all kinds of developments of our customers.

Our Account Managers follow the trends within their markets and know how to anticipate the needs of the customer.

As a Customer Service or Inside Sales Representative, you will be constantly switching between customers, suppliers, warehouses and transporters.

A commercial drive, product knowledge, innovation, technical developments and best services are the most important basic elements of IMCD's success.

Business Support

As one of the world’s leading speciality chemical distributors, IMCD prides itself on the safety and quality of our business activities. We are acutely aware of our responsibility and ensure compliance with all legal obligations in every market where we actively conduct business across the globe.

At IMCD, we also are committed to practice environmental and social sustainability and to be good stewards of the environment and social landscapes in which we operate. We balance our economic, environmental, and social needs using the earth's limited resources in a sustainable manner while minimising impacts on the environment. It allows us to create more with less and to deliver greater value with less input. Sustainability is not a goal to be reached but a way of thinking and a principle we must be guided by

If you want to make a real difference and work for a growing and expertise-driven company, then we’d love to hear from you. Vacancies

If you want to make a real difference and work for a growing and expertise-driven company, then we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for people who are experts in their field, be it technical, commercial or managerial. By joining IMCD, you’ll be part of an entrepreneurial, fast growing group of ambitious and like-minded professionals, where you’ll have the freedom to make your own mark. We’re rooted in chemistry and speciality ingredients – yet operate like a professional services firm. As a truly international company, we have a presence in cities including Singapore, Melbourne, Milan, Cologne, Paris, Zurich, Los Angeles, São Paulo and Toronto. Our Group Office is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and our shares are traded on the Amsterdam Euronext market, where we are part of the large cap AEX index.