The secret to craft a delicious low-sugar treat

Guilt-Free Pleasure with our Low-Sugar Banana Muffin

Want to know how our muffin recipe is being transformed to heart-healthy? 
Market Insights:

The recognition of the significance of dietary fiber intake is gaining momentum. Today, many consumers actively seek out food and beverages rich in dietary fiber to maintain a balanced intestinal microbiota. These products not only stimulate the growth of "good bacteria," but also contribute to overall digestive health
In the context of the emerging "gut-brain axis", a well-balanced intestinal flora is now linked to health benefits such as immunity and mental well-being. Furthermore, dietary fiber products serve various purposes, supporting weight management, aiding calcium absorption for stronger bones and some specific fibres such as beta-glucan has been researched and proven to reduce blood cholesterol and contributes to effective blood sugar management by reducing the blood glucose response.

Satisfying your sweet cravings with heart-healthy benefits without compromising on taste

The secret to crafting a delicious treat
Taste yourself how we transform sweetness without relying on sugar by requesting our building block demo.
Our unique building block demo includes:

- 1x muffin full sugar
- 1x muffin 30% reduced sugar
- 1x muffin 30% reduced sugar + flavour

Concept highlights

Enriched with Beta Glucans which contains approved health claims

Delightful banana flavour with a soft and moist texture

Sugar reduction without compromising on taste and texture

Feature ingredients of sweet treats with a healthy twist:

Experience the natural essence of bananas with our fine banana powder.
100% fruit composition for an authentic and rich banana taste.