Mannogem® Mannitol from SPI

Master your Challenges in Formulation, Productivity and Patient Experience with Mannogem® Mannitol

Looking for a solution to overcome challenges in your formulation, increase productivity and improve patient experience?

Mannogem® Mannitol from SPI is your ultimate solution! It is an improved version of mannitol that is created to improve the tabletting performance and consumer experience. It can bind ingredients together effectively and disintegrates faster for optimal results. They can be widely used as excipient for direct compression (DC) tablets, chewable tablets or stick packs!

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Formulations using Mannogem Mannitol have shown significant results in:

1) Higher production rates
2) Robust tablets at a lower compression force
3) More efficient high-binding capacity
4) Lower hygroscopicity for protection against moisture

SPI has a unique, innovative collection available of Mannitols

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Mannogem XL proves to be superior compared to the leading spray dried Mannitol
The study highlights that Mannogem XL provides better disintegration time per hardness. Its efficient binding capacities ensure improved formulations and higher possible drug loading, making it a reliable and effective excipient for pharmaceutical as well as nutraceutical formulations.
Mannogem XL gives excellent compactability and a fast disintegration time
Even for very hard tablets and at high drug loads. The disintegration time remains stable, making it an ideal choice for compressing difficult actives.