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New Partnership: Gnosis by Lesaffre

Unlock the potential of nutraceuticals with Gnosis by Lesaffre's ingredient portfolio.

IMCD Benelux is proud to announce they have been officially appointed as the exclusive distribution partner of Gnosis by Lesaffre throughout Belgium. 

IMCD Benelux is able to provide you the complete nutraceuticals ingredient portfolio from Gnosis by Lesaffre. This range includes (but is not limited to):

  • Vitamin K2 (MenaQ7 and VitaMK7 Brands) 
  • Folate (Quatrefolic and Extrafolate S)
  • SAMe (Adonat)
  • Pre- and Probiotics (S. Boulardi, Ibsium, LifeinU)
  • Nutritional Yeast (Lynside Nutri)


Click on the button below to download the nutraceuticals ingredient brochure. Please do not hesitate to contact us using the options provided below to obtain information about how this new partnership can benefit your business.

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