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Palatinose™: a Slow Release Sugar for Prolonged Energy

A carbohydrate that provides a balanced and sustained energy release. Read along and discover the magic of Palatinose™ yourself by requesting a sample.

What is trending? 

Consumers are increasingly searching for a tailored approach to eating, based on their nutritional needs, lifestyle or body composition. Advanced analytics has allowed for the personalization of ingredients to take hold and drive the rise of health and wellness trends such as improved immunity, blood sugar management and mental states (Innova Consumer Research). 


Palatinose™ (= isomaltulose) taps into the need for personalized nutrition and provides solutions for:

🧘🏼‍♀️    Weight management
🫀    Blood sugar management
📉    Diabetes prevention and management
🏃    Performance (sports)
🧠    Mental performance


The Magic of PALATINOSE™

Palatinose™ from beet sugar is a fully digestible disaccharide-type carbohydrate composed of glucose and fructose. Unlike sucrose, these two units are connected by a powerful alpha-1,6-bond that the body must devote time to metabolize. This means that the sugar uptake is spread over a longer period, providing:
-    Low effect on blood glucose levels
-    Prolonged glucose supply = sustained energy
-    Higher level of fat burning
-    Prolonged glucose for the brain
-    Better metabolic profile 

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