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The lively world of Citrus

The allure of Citrus: refreshing, tangy and juicy

Experience the refreshing and uplifting joy of citrus, the flavour that is loved globally and cherished as one of IMCD's favourite ingredients.Ā Our extensive range includes classic citrus varieties as lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit to more adventurous types as mandarin, clementine, yuzu, and tangerine. There's always a new citrus discovery waiting for you to explore.

Goodbye Expensive Juices, Hello Orange Juice Reduction SolutionsšŸ‹ Citrus Indulgence without compromising on TasteĀ 

Orange Juice Reduction Solutions

The relentless impact of climate change-induced extreme weather and bacterial diseases has led to a concerning depletion in orange crops, exerting upward pressure on prices. For example, Spanish orange prices within the EU surged by nearly fifty percent last year alone.


In response to the escalating cost challenges associated with fresh orange supply, our dedicated Taste Team presents our innovative 'Orange Juice Reduction Solutions.' Tailored to meet your specific needs, our solutions range from single-flavour options to comprehensive, all-in-one alternatives designed to seamlessly integrate into your applications. Our commitment is to reduce dependence on fresh orange juice without compromising on the rich taste and authentic orange experience.

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