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Tasty Tuesday: Plant-based Pork & Beef Flavours and Colours

Each month, IMCD selects a new colour, taste and/or natural ingredient based on market trends and in line with the demands of the final consumer. Feel free to discover this month’s sweethearts and reach out if these fit into any of your projects.

What’s Driving Consumer Choices Today? 


Alternative protein is a rapidly growing and highly promising sector within the food industry. Consumers are increasingly opting for plant-based products, motivated by factors such as curiosity, concern for animal welfare, and the desire for a healthier lifestyle. This shift in consumer behaviour presents substantial opportunities for companies operating in this domain.


Presently, 31% of consumers are dissatisfied with the taste of plant-based pork and beef, while 27% feel that these alternatives lack authenticity. To address this challenge, we proudly offer our 'Taste Building Blocks' for plant-based pork and beef: a step-by-step approach to develop delicious and authentic plant-based pork and beef.  


Join us in a collaborative journey to create delicious and authentic plant-based pork and beef products, offering a unique eating experience to consumers and contributing to more sustainable diets.


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