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Tasty Tuesday: Sweetness Modifier, Stevia Masking and Malt Extracts

Each month, IMCD Food and Nutrition selects a new colour, taste and/or natural ingredient based on market trends and in line with the demands of the final consumer. Feel free to discover this month’s sweethearts and reach out if these fit into any of your projects.

What’s Driving Consumer Choices Today ? 


Consumers are more aware of their relationship with sugar and many are making moves to slow down their sugar intake. But reducing sugar does not have to mean sacrificing taste. That is why we are excited to introduce our range of innovative solutions designed to help you reduce sugar while keeping it sweet


Our sweetness modifying flavours work by enhancing natural sweetness of food and drinks, allowing you to reduce a certain amount of sugar without compromising on taste. Stevia masking flavours are specially formulated to mask the off-notes associated with stevia, making it easier for you to incorporate this natural sweetener into your products. Last, our range of specialty malt extracts provide body, flavour and/or colour, making them a popular choice to provide natural caramel colour or cocoa taste