The Ultimate Holiday Dessert Flavours that Never Last

Savor the Sweet Symphony of your Holiday Masterpiece using Nostalgic Flavours 

86% of Europeans find comfort in timeless tastes*

Step into a world where every sweet bite is a journey back in time, where the flavours of nostalgia come alive in every dessert. Our dessert flavour collection is a celebration of the classics from the exquisite allure of tiramisu to the velvety richness of custard caramel. 

Let's rediscover and embrace the tender of nostalgic flavours. These desserts are more than a mere culinary experience; they are a delicious reminder that certain tastes stand the test of time.

*Mintel Research (2023)

Which flavour is your favorite holiday dessert? Crème Brûlée, Custard Caramel, Cheesecake or the never lasting Tiramisu?

Italian Indulgence and Elegance
Tiramisu: a classic Italian dessert that is synonymous with indulgence and elegance. This heavenly-made creation stands for sophistication, offering layers of delicate flavours as classic Coffee Delight, creamy Mascarpone and Espresso-soaked ladyfingers. 

Hint! Add Peppermint and Chocolate flavours for some new, minty freshness.
The Crown to your Dessert Table
As the holiday season approaches, the search for the dessert that captures the essence of festive indulgence increases. The irresistable charm of crème brûlée is always a good idea. This classic French custard includes a perfectly caramelized sugar crust and sparkles your taste buds thanks to Classic Vanilla flavours and more! 

Hint! Add Dark Chocolate flavour accompanied with warm Cinnamon flavours to spice up the mood.