Aliphatic Polyketone (PK) is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer with a melting point of 220°C. This is the result of polar ketone groups in the polymer backbone creating a strong attraction between polymer chains. Polyketone (PK) meets the demands of a wide range of applications and has been enjoying somewhat of a renaissance thanks to its environmental credentials relative to other polymers. This is due to comonomer CO (carbon monoxide) in the structure of the polyketone. An industrial “waste” gas which can contribute to global warming, it bonds with a polymer to form a highly favourable monomer. Polyketone has several properties which no other polymer has in this combination. Freshly injection-moulded polyketone has the greatest yield strain (over 20 %) compared to all other semi-crystalline polymers, virtually independently of moisture. This tremendous elasticity gives many components made of PK a high degree of safety in the design phase.


  • excellent resilience
  • reduced moisture absorbtion
  • good tribological properties
  • good resistance to chemicals
  • good hydrolysis resistance
  • shorter cycle times


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