The Dekanex FG range from Jan Dekker is a well-defined synthetic oil that can be easiliy formulated into a broad range of cosmetic applications. Obtained by oligomerisation, the products in this range differ in oligomer distribution, giving differences in skin feel and viscosity. Purification processes give a high purity product, compliant to strict testing and ensuring safety, inertness, and suitability for demanding uses. Dekanex is non-orally toxic, non-irritating, and non-sensitising. It is therefore ideal for baby, sensitive skin applications, and lip-care. As well as offering a smooth and gentle skin feel, Dekanex can improve skin dryness and has wrinkle-reducing properties.


  • High purity synthetic oil
  • Well defined and high stability
  • Different oligomer distributions available
  • Our FG range offers very high safety, inertness and is suitable to the most demanding applications, including lip care and baby care. Suitable for sensitive skin.

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