Main active molecules : Epsilon-Viniferin. Applications : Body Care - Slimming & anti-cellulite. VINIFEROL® is an active ingredient made of grapevine Resveratrol derivative, Epsilon-viniferin, from upcycled French vines. The VINIFEROL® range was presented in 2006 during the international conference on Polyphenols in Winnipeg, Canada. VINIFEROL® is made of vine shoot extract. Outstanding results were obtained during clinical and technical studies on this range. Proven Slimming properties of VINIFEROL®: PDE4 inhibition, SIRT1 activation, Firmness, Smooth skin, Resculpting thigh. Actichem's active ingredient (Vitis Vinifera (grape) Vine extract) is available in liquid or powder from, standardized in different excipients. Actichem offers de-colored, natural and Ecocert COSMOS versions.


  • Body Care - Slimming & anti-cellulite.
  • De-colored, natural and Ecocert COSMOS versions.
  • Renewable part of French vine:vine shoots, sustainable development, upcycling, vegan, plant-based, China compliant, halal and kosher certified.
  • Made in France

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