“I’m glad that IMCD has approach tailored to local needs. the laboratory capabilities to enable our customer to introduce a bio-based product into the Polish market.”

Przemysław Obrat

Sales Manager

Benefiting from a close relationship with the local manufacturer, IMCD was quick to promote a connection between its customer and its future supplier. A new supply chain for partially bio-based paint has since been established, with the prospect of future increases in the bio-content proportion.

Thanks to this proactive stance by IMCD, a new bio-based paint was introduced to the local market, bringing the sustainability standards that originated in Western Europe to Poland. Since then, our customer has been able to hire specialised personnel, acquire laboratory and manufacturing material, and enter new markets. In the future, the customer aims to develop bio-based paint for several other applications.

The importance of having ready-to-use formulations for bio-based paints as part of IMCD’s range of sustainable solutions has once again been reinforced. This success story was made possible by IMCD’s anticipation of the customer’s needs, our close relationship with suppliers and an approach tailored to local needs.