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IMCD aims to grow its business while reducing its environmental footprint and having a positive social impact demonstrated through clear and measurable metrics. We are committed to offering products and solutions within our portfolio that focus on the health and well-being of our consumers, the environment and society while responsibly managing our operations.


IMCD takes climate protection seriously and proactively responds to risks and opportunities relating to climate change together with suppliers and customers and in its logistics. We optimise daily operations, focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our activities and in the supply chain. We engage with third-party logistic providers to reduce Scope 3 emissions. IMCD ensures the highest standards are applied for its waste handling and disposal to avoid environmental pollution.

IMCD is very proud of its people and culture and considers them to be its most valuable asset by far. It is easy to explain why: the value of the company lies in the commercial partnerships we have established with suppliers and customers all over the globe, in the quality and the technical expertise of the people who manage those relationships, and in the people who lead and support them in various functions.
As a leader in the distribution of speciality chemicals and ingredients, IMCD is equipped with market intelligence, technical expertise, application laboratories and product know-how to push forward the sustainable solutions that should be at the forefront of the industry. IMCD is dedicated to the safe and reliable handling of chemicals, ensuring its warehouse operations and transport comply with all relevant standards. IMCD safeguards ethical and sustainable sourcing from its suppliers and service providers, to ensure responsible ESG practices.
Integrity is essential to the way IMCD does business. IMCD has strong values and clear policies and standards in place to ensure that its employees always act in an ethical manner. By asking our partners to do the same, we aim to have a positive influence across our value chain.

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"Sustainability is not a goal to be reached but a way of thinking and a principle we must be guided by."

Stan Bijsterveld

Global Sustainability Director