Solprene 1205 is a linear random-block styrene-butadiene copol-ymer with a total content of 25% of styrene, 17.5% is present as a polystyrene block.It has a non-staining antioxidant system; FDA approved for use in food contact applications. It is essentially gel free with a clear color.Solprene 1205 is an excellent modifier for asphalt, formulations of caulks and sealants; it is also an excellent processing aid for most polymers, giving a good resistance to low temperature. Used in compressedgoods, soles and heels. It can also be used as modi-fier for thermoplastic resins and in adhesive formulations.It is available in bales wrapped in low melting point polyethylene. In case of polymer modification by chemical reaction it can be wrapped in styrene-butadiene film.

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